4+ Stylish Floor Lamps for Your Small Space

4+ Stylish Floor Lamps for Your Small Space

If your home is like ours and doesn’t have any overhead lighting, a stylish floor lamp is an awesome addition. They are also great if you’d like to create a special corner, like a reading nook or small home office! 

Nuura Sierra Floor Lamp / Candy Floor Lamp / Gourd Floor Lamp / Nuura Luca Floor Lamp
While working on this post, I was amazed by how many stylish floor lamps there are out there, especially in a variety of price points. Aesthetically, you can really find anything you have in mind from super-minimal to architectural and statement-making. 
I wanted to share some of my favorite floor lamps of the moment, whether they are the go-to I’m drawn to again and again, or something special I’ve seen along the way…they’re all pretty great. Cheers!
And there are so many options these days that you can really have some fun hunting for one that speaks to you. A floor lamp is the perfect opportunity to subtly elevate a room, adding a small detail or note of something in the space. 

Now go home and take a good look at your floor lamps!Design is everywhere. Be Inspired.


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